A better way to learn code.

Collaborate remotely on programming challenges created by the community.

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codepusher code editor

Bring collaboration into your learning process.

Great software is built by teams. Keep your collaboration skills as good as the code you write.

Remote coding

Write and execute code with other developers in real-time using the CodePusher editor and terminal.

Built-in communication tools

Use chat messaging and conference calls to collaborate during live coding sessions.

Community driven

Solve tonnes of programming challenges created by both CodePusher and the community.

How it works

A simple process to build up your skills in coding and communication.


Join a coding session with other developers.

Simply pick your language of choice and our app will pair you with the right coders.


Solve programming challenges remotely.

Great software is built by engineers who are both great coders and communicators. These are skills that can be practiced and mastered.


Submit a challenge or run a session.

Use our CLI tool to submit your own challenges. Or use our platform to run mentoring sessions and technical interviews.

Simple pricing plans for early access users.

Whether you're learning to code, teaching it, or hiring developers. We have you covered.

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For all developers wanting to ramp up their skills.

  • Join unlimited sessions
  • Submit public challanges
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For developers looking to run their own private sessions.

$9.95/ month
$60/ year
  • Join unlimited sessions
  • Create private sessions
  • Submit private challenges
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